Treats Card Partners That Give Back

Unfortunately, as we all know, we live in a country where many animals need our help. As you have read in our previous blog 7 Ways to Help Stray Animals in Dubai and the UAE, there are a lot of things that you can do to help.

We are very proud and honoured to be able to say we work with many amazing local businesses who also try to contribute as much as they can to help animals in need.

Below you can find an overview of these businesses and what they do. 


Pet Parents UAE

Pet Parents UAE are the merchandise brand of Dog Parents In Dubai. They make personalized t-shirts and accessories for doggies but even have amazing things for Dog mums and dads like their filled mugs.

They spend a portion of their profits to buy much-needed supplies for various rescue organizations around the globe.

Treats Card members get a 15% discount


Adore Love Pamper

Adore, Love, Pamper, that’s what they love doing to your pets. They offer world-class quality services for your fur babies. From pet grooming, cat boarding, cat sitting services to a whole range of quality pet supplies, they have it all.

Apart from their business, Adore Love Pamper also rescues cats and helps them by finding forever homes for them.

Treats Card members will get up to a 20% discount.



Ailuromania is the first-ever cat café in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. This café is a family-friendly café that houses adoptable kitties from Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Center.

Treats Card members will get a 20% discount.


Aloropi Veterinary Clinic

Located in Sharjah, Aloropi knows that pets form an essential part of human life. Caring for them means to begin with their essential needs, to look after them like taking care of yourself.

Be it your cat or dog, we as pet owners provide them with the utmost care in everything starting from health to entertainment activities.

The specialists working at Aloropi Vet Centre can provide you with vaccination services, health treatments, neuter services, diet plans, dental cleaning or anything other related to your pet’s health.

Aloropi Vet Centre offers a 30% discount to Treats Card members on treatments and operations for stray cats and dogs and a 20% discount on veterinary consultation.


Amity Veterinary Clinic

Amity Veterinary Clinic is a family-owned practice, who are dedicated animal lovers and want to enhance the way things are done. To this end, they have identified and recruited some of the most enthusiastic and professional staff who have the warmth of a friend, the wisdom and skills of an expert and the passion of a pet owner.

Their staff are committed to providing you with simple to understand yet comprehensive healthcare information. They approach the care and well being of your pet as if they were their own.

Amity Veterinary Clinic is developing a unique approach to veterinary medicine. They will give you reliable answers and the best solutions for your pet’s individual needs.

At Amity Veterinary Clinic they have a space dedicated to taking care of stray cats, aiming to find them a forever home.

As a Treats Card member, you can get a 15% discount with Amity Veterinary Clinic. 



The accessories from Charlieholic are handmade for your pooch with love. The founder of Charlieholic is only 16 years old but already very involved in helping animals in need.

Charlieholic supports animal welfare centres in the UAE by raising money for them and donating a part of their profits.

Treats Card members get a 10% discount. 


For The Love Of Dogs

For The Love Of Dogs offers unique, handmade accessories for you and your pets for a good cause. They donate 50% of sales are donated to animal rescue organizations in The UAE.

Treats Card members get a 10% discount. 


Furr Balls UAE

Furr Balls UAE is a raw food brand from the same founders as Furr Balls Animal Welfare organization.

They know that feeding your furrballs a new diet can be a little overwhelming. Since they’re pet parents themselves, they want to make it as fun and smooth as possible for you and your pet to get started on a Natural Raw Diet.

Not only will this improve the health of your pet but it will also fund the help for animals in need because every life matters.

Treats Card members get a 10% discount.


J Robina Photography

When you book J Robina Photography you are booking a passionate and professional photographer based in Dubai Marina who has a wide portfolio. Jade brings an energetic, creative approach to photography and excels in discreetly capturing poignant moments.

Since the last year has been hard for many of us, she’s offering free photoshoots every month.

Treats Card members get a 20% discount. 


Maggie’s Toy Box

Maggie’s Toy Box offers locally handcrafted cat toys. Their toys are made upon request and are made for cats of all ages.

The toys are crocheted and willed with catnip and come in an array of shapes and colours. They also offer a variety of vegetables, sweets and animal shapes.

Not only do the toys look amazing, but Maggie’s Toy Box also gives back to the community and supports the strays in Dubai.

Treats Card members will get a 20% discount. 


Paw Parking

Paw Parking is a dog play centre that also provides boarding, grooming and training for your pooches.

They continuously support Stray Dogs Center Umm Al Quwain. During the pandemic, over 100 dogs were fostered at Paw Parking that have found their forever or foster homes.

Fosters of Stray Dogs Center Umm Al Quwain and Animal Action also get special rates on a regular basis.

Treats Card members get a 15% discount. 



Pawdega is UAE’s first Natural and Holistic Pet health Store and carries the largest selection of truly natural pet products.

Pawdega is your safe place, where you don’t have to worry about toxic ingredients, because all products are safe and non-toxic, improving health, longevity and wellbeing.

Pawdega continuously supports various animal welfare centres in the UAE by raising money for them and donating parts of their profits.

Apart from that they also make a lot of donations to environmental agencies and research centres that invest in studies surrounding dog and cat health. They plant one tree for every probiotic supplement sold and regularly donate to Paws for Change and Dog risk.

Treats Card members get up to a 20% discount with Pawdega.


Pet Point

One of the newest veterinary clinics in town. Animals’ welfare is at the core of everything they do at Pet Point Veterinary Clinic and what they believe and live by every day. Therefore, they always strive to provide quality healthcare services for your pet at an affordable price.

Consisting of a team of experienced and compassionate staff, their aim is the health and well-being of your pet.

Giving back to the community is very important for them. They support Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) for strays as well as required medical services. They believe saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, his world will forever change.

Pet Point Veterinary Clinic offers a 15% discount on consultations and dental procedures to Treats Card members. They also offer a 10% discount on surgical procedures and blood works plus free check-ups for pets within a week. 


Project Lexa

Project Lexa offers handmade and customizable art from handmade pet accessories to hand-painted goods. The three ladies who founded this company are actively supporting the community by rescuing and trying to make a difference to all animals in need.

Treats Card members get a 15% discount and rescuers an extra 5% discount.



Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Center (RAKAWC) is an animal welfare organization that re-homes socialized, trained and healthy cats and dogs. Supported by the government of Ras Al Khaimah, with the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi, Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, they opened their doors in January 2010. The centre has since then grown into a centre of excellence for animal welfare thanks to the help of its staff and volunteers.

They offer a one-stop shop for all pet needs that includes a veterinary hospital.

Treats Card members can get a 10% discount that is valid on 60-minute consultations, deworming treatments and microchipping. They also offer a 5% discount on 30-minute consultations. 


The Fluffy Station

The Fluffy Station is an online shop for all pets supplies that have been carefully chosen from the best pet brands over the world to be available for you.

They are passionately working towards building a stronger relationship with their customers also by taking their social responsibility in rescuing animals in need within their area and supporting volunteering groups by supplies donations and helping with vet bills. They also actively support pet adoption.

Treats Card members get a 20% discount.


The Silly Saluki

The Silly Saluki offers personalized frames, bowls, bandanas and more. They’re hand and locally made and unique.

Apart from their business, the owners also contribute to helping the strays since the last few years and even work with organizations outside of The UAE to make sure dogs get a better life overseas. To be able to do that, a portion of their sales goes to support rescues.

Treats Card members get a 20% discount with The Silly Saluki.   


Whoofs & Meows

The founder of the W&M dog and cat bakery is only 13 years old but has a great passion to make all animals happy. She and her family have many rescue animals themselves and their goal is to make other animals smile by raising money to donate and help shelters and animals in need.

35% of their sales are going to shelters and Treats Card members will get a 15% discount. 


Treats Card

As a Treats Card member, you’re not only able to take advantage of all the discounts and offers provided by our partners, but you’re helping animals in need as well.

Treats Card has launched a special initiative to feed shelter animals: Meals by Members.

For the duration of your Treats Card membership, Treats Card will donate a meal on your behalf every single month to Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre.

So not only will you save money on your pet bills, the cats and dogs at RAKAWC will also benefit.