Meet The Founders

Started by Amy and Lee Nightingale, passionate parents of 2 of the human kind and 4 of the furry kind, it’s safe to say that the Nightingale household has always been a busy one!

With both Lee and Amy working full time in the aviation industry, Lee had noticed that there were pet owners across the UAE asking for advice and discounts multiple times per day across various social media platforms, while the airline discount programmes listed various offers from local pet-related businesses who wanted to attract new customers. Surely there was a way to link the two.

With Lee working some very strange hours and flying across various time zones, unfortunately, he didn’t have the time to take the idea any further. Then COVID hit and Lee was suddenly made redundant in June 2020.

It was a tough time for the Nightingale household, as I’m sure many reading this will be able to relate to, but Lee saw it as an opportunity to bring that idea to life. He knew that if he could create a business where he could bridge the gap between the customer and the local pet-related businesses in the area then everyone would win!

The opportunity was too good to miss and Treats Card was born.

On one side the customer receives up to 50% discount with various pet-related businesses across the UAE, saving on anything from vets bills and pet food, to grooming and pet-friendly dining locations with amazing offers that had previously only been reserved for airline staff and similar.

While on the other, local pet-related businesses could receive significant exposure through various promotions online and offline, all in exchange for any discount/offer they can afford to provide the Treats Card members.

Since launching with 12 local businesses in April 2020, as of August 2021, Treats Card are supporting over 200 local businesses and are growing by the day.

Not only this but our members personally provide a meal for a shelter animal in need every single month through treats card ‘Meals by Members’ initiative in partnership with RAK Animal Welfare Centre, and also receive exclusive discounts to the extremely popular Treats Card events.