7 Ways to Help Stray Animals in Dubai and the UAE

Anybody can help an animal in need. 

I think most residents who have been living in the UAE have at least faced an animal in need once.

The stray population keeps growing but luckily there are many people helping. In the years I’ve been living here, I’ve met a lot of people who also would like to help, but they don’t know where to start.

So, I hope the below helps.

1) Visit the Vet (for TNR or Emergency Cases)

A very well-known initiative to help stray cats is called: TNR. It means Trap Neuter and Release.

What it means is that volunteers are trying to control the cat population by having them neutered or spayed and bringing them back to the same place where they were found after that.

Many of the vets that Treats Card is working with are already supporting the strays when needed and as a Treats Card member, you can use all the discounts that are available with all the vets they have partnered with.

But there is one vet that also has a special offer to people who help the strays. Aloropi Vet Center in Sharjah offers an extra discount of 30% on treatments and surgeries for stray dogs and cats!

2) Adopt a Pet.

Obviously, the best thing would be if you can adopt a pet. But we know this is not always possible.

However, if you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, I would always advise you to contact one of the many rescue centres that are out there. (You can find the full list below)

They have a wide variety of full and mixed breed cats and dogs, big or small and even kittens and puppies.

3) Foster.

Unable to adopt a pet but you would still like to have a furry friend in your house from time to time? Foster!

This will give dogs and cats the opportunity to get off the streets and out of the rescue centres.

Sometimes adopting is just not possible for you and your family because of travelling or because you’re unsure if you can bring a pet with you if you leave the country, so for those people, fostering is the perfect solution. 

4) Donate.

Maybe you’re an animal lover but are not the kind of person that wants or can have a pet in their house.

In this case, you can donate.

A lot of rescue centres would appreciate food, blankets or other necessities like milk powder for kittens. Just give them a call to find out what is needed.

5) Volunteer.

Not doing anything on the weekend?

Take a walk with a dog from one of the rescue centres or help within the facility.

Again, rescue centres would really appreciate the extra help of hands if you could.

6) Spread the Word! 

If all of the above is not possible for you, then just spread the word.

Maybe you know others who might be in the position to help. The more we talk about it, the more people will know about it. The more chance that the animals will have a better life. 

Below you can find a list of all the rescue centres that are in the UAE:

- 38 Smiles

- Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter

- Adopt Animals UAE

- Adopt a Cat UAE

- Adopt a Friend UAE

- Ahmed’s Animal Rescue

- Al Ghadeer Cool Cats

- Al Mayya K9 Adoptions

- Amanda’s Animal Rescue UAE

- Animal Action UAE

- Animals and US Fujairah

- Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi

- Animal Welfare Al Ain

- Arabian Saluki Center of Dubai (Ascod)

- Bubbles Pets Rescue

- Chez Kitty

- Dubai Animal Welfare Society

- Emirates Animal Welfare Society

- Feline Friends Abu Dhabi

- Forever Pets Adoption

- Friends of Animals Dubai

- Friends of RAKAWC

- Furr Balls Animal Welfare Organization 

- Helping Hands for Small Paws

- Jackie’s Cats UAE

- Jebel Ali Cats Rescue in Dubai-K9 Friends

- Kitty Snip

- Little Angels Animal Rescue League

- Middle East Animal Foundation

- Moon Puppies

- Naema’s Kitty’s

- New Life Rescue


- Paws & Claws animal rescue UAE

- Pet Mania

- Posh Paws

- RAK Feline Rescues

- Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Center (RAKAWC)

- Red Paw Foundation

- Rescue Animals in Need UAE-Rescue of Abu Dhabi

- Saluki International Rescue

- Saluki rescue UAE

- Sharjah Cat & Dog Shelter

- Shepherd Rescue Arabia

- Sniff

- Stray Dogs Center UAQ - The Animal Project

- The Bin Kitty Collective

- The Woof House

- Umm Al Quwain Animal Care (UAQAC)

- Wags & Purrs

- Yanni Animal Welfare 

7) Become a Treats Card Member. 

Believe it or not, but as a Treats Card member, you’re already helping!

Treats Card has launched a special initiative to feed shelter animals: Meals by Members.

For the duration of your Treats Card membership, Treats Card will donate a meal every single month to an animal in need at Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre.

So not only will you save money on your pet bills, but the cats and dogs at RAKAWC will also benefit.