Learn About TNR, and How You Can Help.

Your community needs - Trap, neuter, release.

It’s safe to say Dubai and most of the Middle Eastern region has an enormous amount of stray cats. What was once a celebrated species, we now find them by the litter around many communities within UAE. This is where trap and neuter programs help out.

We believe that there needs to be awareness brought to communities that face an influx of stray cats.

Our mission is to help neuter as many animals as possible to help decrease overpopulation.

At Star Veterinary Clinic we dedicate certain days of the week to focus solely on neutering stray cats, that can be later returned to their environment.


How to know if cats have been neutered?

Ear clip marking is a safe process. During the surgery, while the cat is sedated the veterinary surgeon cuts part of the tip of the ear (usually left ear). This is used across the UAE to indicate that the cat has been sterilised. It also is helpful to prevent trapping cats that have already been through the TNR program.


How Does TNR Work and How to Help.

Within communities, residents place traps to get the cats. This is a process that can take many hours as these smart feline friends are also often skittish.

  • Always be safe when approaching stray cats as they may be feral. It takes time to gain their trust but a nice can of smelly fish normally does the trick.
  • Leave enough time to plan the appointment and take into consideration the usual spots the cats hang around.
  • Place a trap where the cats would be feeding. Do not leave the traps unattended. This is a tedious task however we encourage this for the cats to be safe especially during the hotter months.
  • Once trapped if the cats are friendly you could take the cat to the clinic the night before the surgery or the day of surgery.
  • The admitted cat will be discharged the same day after we have been given a long-acting antibiotic and pain relief.
  • The cat should be returned to the same area or a safe environment where traffic is not prevalent. There are always risks to any surgeries especially for a stray animal, we ensure they are not drowsy before discharge.

The advantages include helping in the prevention of spreading of diseases as well as catfights and injuries for neighbourhood domesticated cats.

Rescuers can avail heavily discounted rates at Star Veterinary Clinic as we fully support the TNR program.

Traps are easy to purchase from Amazon or online and are built to last.

We believe each animal, domesticated or stray deserves humane treatment. We encourage you to get involved and trap, neuter and release.


Call or WhatsApp Star Veterinary Clinic to schedule TNRs at either their Sustainable City, or Sports City locations:

TNR Days at Star Veterinary Clinic - Sports City 

  • Every Tuesday 
  • Call: 045572199
  • Whatsapp: 0553970851
TNR Days at Star Veterinary Clinic - Sustainable City 
  • Sundays and Mondays 
  • Call: 043274921
  • WhatsApp: 0506642863