Mondoux - Dubai Creek Harbour

As a pet owner I always want to spend as much time as I can with my pets. So, I always took my dog with me on my days off. When I moved to Dubai 5 years ago, that didn’t change. I started to look for dog friendly restaurants and noticed that a lot of people were unaware about all the dog-friendly places you could find in The UAE.

This is why I decided to start my page: Doggie Adventures in Dubai, where I show videos of dog friendly places like restaurants, hotels, parks, beaches, activities and even dog friendly events. 

In this blog for treats card I’d like to tell you more about one specific dog friendly restaurant that we like very much: Mondoux.

You can find Mondoux at the brand new Dubai Creek Harbour. Soon to be the area where you will be able to find the newest tallest building in the world. Once you arrive at the restaurant, you will notice their beautiful view right away. Sitting on their dog friendly terrace will give you a magnificent view of the Dubai skyline with the highlight: Burj Khalifa. 

Once you open their menu, you instantly feel that it’s really hard to make decisions. There are so many delicious items to choose from. It already starts when you look at all the different kind of coffee’s and hot chocolates they serve. All the food looks amazing as well and they even have multiple healthy vegetarian and vegan options. But if you’re up for something sweet, then you have a wide selection to choose from as well like desserts, cakes, pancakes and other delicacies. 

My dog loves going there and most of the time we have a little walk before or after our meal in the neighborhood. A lot is still under construction but the boulevard where Mondoux is located, is finished. When arriving at Mondoux, my dog always gets a bowl of water and most of the time a cuddle as well from one of the lovely staff members. 

Mondoux’s motto is: All you eat is love, and that is certainly how it feels like when you visit them. They are a proud Treats Card partner and they offer 20% discount to Treats Card members

You can visit Mondoux at or click here for their Instagram or Facebook profiles.