Dog-Friendly Indoor Restaurants in Dubai

It is summer! Now this is something that would make me very excited when I said that out loud in Europe. However, in The Middle East, not so much. But that doesn’t mean I want to lock myself up at home for the next few months. I still want to go out in my time off and that time I also want to spend with my dog.

Luckily there are a few restaurants in Dubai that allow dogs inside. In all the years I’ve been sharing my videos about dog friendly places in The UAE, I came across many more restaurants that allowed dogs inside. But unfortunately, there are a few restaurants that have decided to change their policy. A real shame if you ask me.

But I’m still very happy to tell you about the below indoor dog friendly places that also offer a special Treats Card discount!  

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Just Vegan – Jumeirah 

Just Vegan

This cozy restaurant does not only offer amazing food, they also offer a space where dogs are welcome inside.

Their aim is to make vegan food widely accessible, affordable and approachable for people of all ages and dietary preferences. They envision a world where animals are treated with respect and people live healthy and sustainable lives without any discrimination. 

On top of that, they offer a 25% discount to Treats Card members at their Jumeirah branch.

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Daughter & Dad - Warsan

Daughter and Dad

Daughter & Dad is a duo with a shared passion for specialty coffee and plant-based food. Located inside Melia Desert Palm surrounded by green grass, palm trees and beautiful stables, they offer the perfect getaway for dog owners. All doggies are welcome inside their shop where they have plenty of shade, water and treats awaiting. And yes, the owners are welcome too 😊

Don’t forget to show your Treats Card membership when you visit them so you can avail a discount up to 20%.

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Reform Social & Grill - The Lakes

Reform Social and Grill

This beautiful restaurant can be found in The Lakes. From a full English breakfast to traditional weekend roasts, they offer an authentic gastropub experience that is perfect for the whole family. 

Their outside terrace is big and dog friendly and on top of that they also have a huge lawn where dogs are welcome to play and socialize. On this lawn you will often find dog friendly events as well.

In the summer, Reform Social & Grill always tries their best to make sure our pooches are well taken care of by allowing them on a special part of the outside area that is cooled down. But this summer for the first time, they have built a special tent so pooches can enjoy their time in the ac. 

They're one of the newest Treats Card partners and offer a 15% discount.

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Happy Bark Day – Business Bay

Happy Bark Day

Happy Bark Day is a dog friendly café that offers premium pet desserts. They were founded specially to cater to your dog. On their menu you’ll find many delicious items made by a certified pet nutritionist that we’re sure of your dog will like. 

Treats Card members get a 10% discount at Happy Bark Day. 

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Spill the Bean – Sustainable City

Spill the Bean

Spill the Bean is an independent specialty coffee shop focused on single origin coffees from different areas around the world, healthy but decadent comfort food and the community around them.

Their café can be found in Sustainable City with a small but cozy dog friendly terrace and 15% discount is given when you use the Treats Card app. 

Find out more about Spill the Bean.


Ivy’s Secret Garden – Al Quoz

Ivy's Secret Garden

Ivy’s Secret Garden was born from an irrefutable plant obsession and an affinity for bringing joy into the lives of others. Early on they sold their “living home décor” online and transformed their client’s space with a vivid splash of verdure. However, recently they opened the doors to a posh, new storefront to provide even more for the community.

Their warehouse is dog friendly and apart from the greenery they sell, they also have a café that serves delicious coffee and bites.

You can use your Treats Card to avail 10% discount.

Find out more about Ivy's Secret Garden.



As you can see there are a few amazing places we can visit this summer with our dog(s).

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