5 Holistic Tips to Help Extend Your Pet’s Life

It’s time for celebration today because it’s National Holistic Pet Day! 

Why does that matter you ask? Because today, we celebrate the fact that you have the power to prevent disease and extend your pet’s life expectancy!

The power lies within you, and there is SO much that you can do to lower your vet bills and add more time to cuddle to your pet’s life.

It’s all about the lifestyle choices you make for your pet and your willingness to create change for a healthier, happier tomorrow. 

In this blog post, we will share some holistic secrets that we have learned by working with some of the most accomplished holistic and integrative veterinarians such as Dr. Karen Becker. 

Get ready for our top 5 ways to help increase your pet’s health and wellness holistically, taking a proactive approach and focusing on prevention.

1) Keep ‘Em Lean.

56% of dogs and 60% of cats are overweight or obese. Some of us may think the extra weight looks kind of cute on our pets, but the sad truth is, the extra weight puts our pets at higher risk of heatstroke, and disease. Research has shown that keeping our dogs lean, and restricting calorie intake can literally extend our dog’s life.

Here is how you can find out if your dog could lose a few kilos:

At an ideal weight, you should be able to see your dog’s last two ribs when they run or play. You should also be able to slightly feel your dog’s ribs when you lay your hands onto their ribcage.

If you have to poke your dog to feel their ribs, then your dog is likely overweight (or super furry).

2) Lower the Risk of Disease

This study has shown that as little as 20% of raw meat, raw organs, and raw bones decreases disease and risk of allergies in dogs.

In other words: You have the power to lower your future vet bills by feeding 20% less dry/wet food and adding 20% raw food ingredients into your dog’s diet.

Here are some ideas of things that you can add to your dog’s diet:

We do not recommend adding starchy foods to your dog’s dry/wet food diet. Ingredients such as rice, bread, pasta, or sweet potatoes are too high in carbohydrates and do not contain much nutritional value for your dog. They simply don’t have enough digestive enzymes to process high carbohydrate foods properly.

Feeding a fully raw diet made of high-welfare, free-range, and outdoor reared meat would be the very best diet for most dogs. Dry food was only invented 100 years ago for the sake of convenience, and your dog’s entire body is designed to thrive on raw meats. This is why we often see a huge decrease in vet bills when dogs switch from a dry food diet to a raw food diet.

3) Supporting Gut Health & Immunity.

Over 80% of the immune system lies in the gut, so at PAWDEGA we make sure that every one of your dogs is on a gut health program.

Today, the majority of dogs and humans are walking around with a significant amount of gut trauma, often caused by environmental toxins, chronic inflammation, preservatives, low-quality food, medication, pesticides, stress, and more. 

Every dog (and human) can benefit from nourishing gut health and helping to lower inflammation throughout the body. 

No matter what you feed your dog, you can support their gut health by adding Pre&Probiotics, Digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory herbs to the diet.

The world’s first canine-specific probiotic, ‘Fido’s Flora’, has scientifically been proven to help dogs with auto-immune disease, itching, loose stool, allergies, cancer, organ disease and more!

By adding the above-mentioned additions to their pet’s food, many pet parents report less itchy skin, firm and consistent poo, shiny coat, better immunity, fewer allergy symptoms, and less anxiety. It’s an amazing way to celebrate holistic dog day!

4) Detox Your Baby!

The truth is, our dogs need a detox even more than we do… We advocate for a mild daily detox for our dogs, for the following reasons:

Our dogs walk barefoot and pick up pesticides, and toxins from the street that get absorbed directly into the body either from their paws or through their mouth when they lick their paws. Additionally, toxins accumulate in our dog’s bodies through synthetics & preservatives in their diet, over-vaccination, chemical flea & tick treatments, dewormers, and more.

When you support your dog’s liver and kidney health on a daily basis, you are helping your dog deal with this unnatural load of toxins and you can often prevent side effects from toxic overloads such as skin issues, gut issues, and disease.

We recommend using organic herbal powders or tinctures to support the liver, kidney, pancreas, and gallbladder as a whole, as they all work synergistically together to support your dog’s natural detox process.

5) Prevention is the best cure!

If you are familiar with what we do at PAWDEGA, then you’ll know that we always focus on preventing disease. Because prevention is always better than hoping for a cure, or spending thousands of dirhams at the vet, addressing a disease that might have been preventable.

Did you know that today, 1 in 2 dogs are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life? The good news is that research has shown 90% of cancer is actually preventable through making lifestyle changes, such as a low-toxin lifestyle and more.

At PAWDEGA, we focus on holistic health as a whole, and we see dogs and cats struggle from many diseases that could possibly be preventable. Our advice is: don’t wait until it’s too late! 

We often hear pet parents say “I’ll get in touch with you once my dog has any issue”. This is precisely what we want you to avoid doing! Don’t get in touch with us once it’s too late. Get in touch with us BEFORE your dog shows signs of disease. THAT is what holistic means. That is what we owe our dogs if we want to protect them.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation today! Let’s talk about your dog’s unique wellness journey and how to support your individual dog in living their best and healthiest life.

To summarize, there is SO much you can do to help lower your vet bills and create a healthy pet holistically, by being proactive and supporting your dog with holistic and natural options through modern-day life.

Keeping our dog’s lean, feeding as much fresh raw food as possible, adding pre & probiotics and herbal supplements, and taking a general proactive approach to health and wellness is the way to go.

Get in touch with PAWDEGA to receive a free pet wellness consultation and 10% off your first order when you present your Treats Card.


Charly is the mother of French Bulldog, Milka, and Co-Founder of PAWDEGA.

Charly has always had a passion for animals, but her passion for pet wellness activism began when Milka’s undiagnosed health issues were healed by adapting a natural, non-toxic, and proactive pet wellness lifestyle.

Through extensive research, content creation, attending pet health conferences in the US and Europe, and working with world-renowned holistic and integrative veterinarians, Charly continues to raise awareness on important pet health topics to empower pet parents to help their pets live longer.