12 UAE-Made Natural Dog Treats You Can Feel Good About

Natural pet treats make your fur children happy not only because they taste so good but also because it’s best for their health.  

Here at treats card, we are very fortunate to be working with so many amazing local businesses that offer natural and homemade treats. 

Below we have profiled some of the amazing partners we work with and the products they have available.

1) Bravo Bite.

Bravo Bite offers delicious, healthy and organic treats for your furry friend.

They are 100% organic and natural and chemical-free and their assortment has many different biscuits as well as veggie chips and even ice cream! 

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2) Nachos Kitchen.

Nachos Kitchen believes that your pet food should be food!

They follow AFFCO guidelines and nutritional profiles to make sure the best quality is provided. Their treats are made 100% from pure beef that is dehydrated so there are no additives or preservatives given to your pet.

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3) Raw Cut.

At Raw Cut their beliefs are based on what dogs would eat in nature which has not changed from their ancestors.

They believe our dogs gain the most benefit from a raw balanced diet they can digest efficiently. They offer drool-worthy freeze-dried treats and organic dog chew that your pet will love. 

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4) Royal Bites.

Royal Bites cares about your pets and their health.

So, all of their treats are homemade and healthy and made without any preservatives or chemicals which are really good for the digestion of your pet. Their range has many different flavours of bites as well as custom made cupcakes. 

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5) The Woof Bakery.

The Woof Bakery UAE offers organic treats that are made by hand with human-grade/all-natural ingredients. 

This gourmet dog bakery offers everything freshly baked for your pets. Not only do they put a lot of effort into the recipes for these treats, but the appearance is just as impressive as the science behind the treats!

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6) Paws-a-licious.

Not only does Paws-a-licious offer natural healthy treats for your furry kids, but they also offer custom made cakes, cute pup cake sticks and cupcakes.

Everything is handmade and with human-grade ingredients.

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7) Pupsicles Delight. 

Pupsicles Delight has a range of scrumptious and healthy doggie ice creams as well as pup cakes. They offer a wide variety of flavours and everything is homemade with natural ingredients. 

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8) Toby’s Treats.

Toby’s Treats offers natural, sugar-free treats that are loved by puppies, dogs and even humans!

The founder of Toby’s Treats is a 13-year-old teen-preneur that created this Dubai based treats range that is homemade and all-natural. 

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9) Whoofs & Meows Dog & Cat Bakery.

Whoofs & Meows Dog & Cat Bakery is run by a 14-year-old girl who is passionate to make all animals happy. And when we say all animals, we mean all animals.

Their goal is to raise money by selling their baked goods for your pets to be able to donate to shelters and animals in need. 

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10) Wild Dogs.

Wild Dogs is a brand of healthy dehydrated dog treats.

They are passionate about creating treats that dogs and owners will love because they are made thinking firstly of your dog’s health and the benefits they can bring to their everyday life. Plus, they are delicious.

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11) Furchild.

Furchild is UAE’s home for fresh and healthy pet food and treats.

Their treats are made with 100% natural, human-grade and organic ingredients. The meat is ethically sourced and grain, gluten and guilt-free. Their treats range is wide and they offer all kinds of delicious snacks for your pet like freeze-dried treats, Himalayan chews but also raw bones. 

If you buy 4 bags of freeze-dried treats, you get the 5th for free with the treats card membership.

12) Hugo & Celine.

If you’ve ever had ice cream for your dog, then you have probably had one of the many flavours from Hugo & Celine.

They offer dog ice cream and treats that are made from the best quality natural Swedish ingredients. 100% natural and organic ingredients are used and some of the flavours they offer are liver, salmon, moose, herring and cod. All the flavours your dog loves. 

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